(Pocket-lint) – Socialmatic, the instant camera designed to be an Instagram device until the inventor teamed up with Polaroid, will cost $ 299 (£ 196) when it hits the streets in 2014. Full specs were also revealed, with system running now considered Android, much like Samsung’s Galaxy camera.

Like the Galaxy Camera, the Polaroid Socialmatic focuses on sharing photographs, although in this case it could literally be giving a friend a physical impression as well as posting a photo on a social network. The camera houses a Zink instant printer on the side to produce instant results – like the Polaroid cameras of yore.

The front camera has a 14 megapixel sensor and there is a 2 megapixel rear camera for taking pictures of yourself. It only features an LED flash rather than a xenon, but it comes with a small LCD panel on the front of the camera. This includes a mood assistant, little emoticons, and icons that give you a clue about the mood of the Socialmatic – is it covered, etc.

The screen on the back is 4.3 inches and stereo speakers are present, presumably, for video playback.

GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity is on board. And it comes with 4GB of internal storage and an SD card slot for expansion.

Dedicated Socialmatic instant filters will come preinstalled, ready to be applied to photos, and you can use the camera to print photos remotely. We don’t know if this will also include from another smartphone or device, but it has been confirmed that you will be able to print photos that will be sent to you from another Socialmatic camera.

Even though the concept of Instagram was never fully realized, it’s worth noting that the company decided to keep the camera’s square app icon style design. It certainly makes him stand out.

More details will be published in the coming months, says the firm. You can find out more at www.social-matic.com.

Written by Rik Henderson. Originally published on .