DxO Labs has published an in-depth study IPhone 7 Camera Test, calling it “a very solid evolution from the iPhone 6s” after extensive testing. The single-lens smartphone achieved an overall DxOMark Mobile score of 86, surpassing the iPhone 6 by two points but behind the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and five other devices.

The iPhone 7 has a wider DCI-P3 color gamut which allows for more vivid colors compared to the traditional sRGB standard. The photo on the right, for example, rendered using the DCI-P3 color space, displays richer reds than the photo on the left rendered using the traditional sRGB color space.

One of the cool innovations of the iPhone 7 is its use of a larger color space, allowing it to store and display deeper, richer colors in its JPEG photos. To take full advantage of this new feature, you will want to display your images on a rich color display like that of the iPhone 7 and other Apple devices that support the new DCI-P3 color gamut used by the iPhone 7. and the iPhone 7 Plus. , or on a premium color-managed monitor or Ultra HD TV. Conversely, iPhone 7 photos may appear slightly washed out when viewed on devices that do not support proper color management (DCI-P3), as they would mistakenly interpret iPhone 7 JPEGs as being encoded in sRGB.

DxO said the iPhone 7 delivers excellent exposures with wide dynamic range, precise white balance and color rendering, and good detail preservation when shooting outdoors in daylight. The test noted some exposure failures, such as overexposed highlights, but said instances of these were minimal.


Rotated in bright light, the iPhone 7 captures very good exposures with a wide dynamic range, making it a great choice for landscapes, street scenes, and architecture, as well as general outdoor photography ( day light). Colors are both vivid and pleasing, especially in sunny conditions, and generally the white balance is stable. We observed a few light green flows under very specific conditions, but they were fairly minimal.

The review also gave high marks to the excellent corner-to-corner sharpness of the iPhone 7’s camera, noise reduction, and accurate color representation. DxO shared the photo below as an example of what they called excellent white balance. The examination indicated that in some cases a barely noticeable green cast may appear.


Accurate color representation is only possible when the camera correctly estimates the color of the light falling on the scene – usually referred to as white balance. Part of the job of the camera’s image processing chip is to analyze the scene as it is captured and select a white balance, ranging from warm to cold, that recreates the scene as the human eye sees it. The iPhone’s new image signal processor lives up to this test, with images generally showing excellent white balance.

Additional photos and test results can be found in the DxOMark review. DxO has analyzed the image and video quality of more than 9,000 cameras, lenses and mobile phones, and its tests are widely respected in the industry. The company also sells consumer products, such as the DxO ONE camera.

DxO said their iPhone 7 Plus camera review will be coming very soon.