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Snapchat’s New Desktop Camera App Brings

Snapchat is launch its first Mac and Windows software that supports your webcam and brings its augmented reality effects to other video streaming and calling services. Snap Camera can be selected as a camera output in OBS Skype, YouTube, Google Hangouts, Skype, Zoom and more, as well as browser-based apps like Facebook Live so you […]

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 has massive 10GB RAM, sl...

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 launched Xiaomi on Thursday launched the Mi Mix 3, the company’s third device for the Mi Mix line, known for its full screen display. While the display on Mi Mix 3 remains to cover around 93.4% of the screen area, the major change has been made to the front camera. Unlike […]

BepiColombo surveillance camera test ima...

An unusual view of part of the stack of the BepiColombo spacecraft, taken by one of the surveillance cameras (or “selfie cameras”) attached to the Mercury transfer module, MTM. The camera looks towards the solar panel reader (top left) and the rear of the solar panel closest to the “body” of the spacecraft module. The […]