Essential phone, the “original idea” of Andy Rubin, who is also known as the father of Android, appears to be in the works for the company’s second device. The company’s first phone was the Essential PH-1 (Essential Phone) which was one of the best phones when it comes to premium build quality. The side frame was sculpted from titanium, while the front was covered in glass and at the back, Essential designed the rear panel with the finest ceramic, making it a true avant-garde device. The PH-1 contained the best specs available in 2017 and was also a semi-modular device, however, few mods were released for the device, while the device was priced at $ 700.

March 6, 2019: According to a patent, The Essential Phone 2 could hide its camera behind the screen. However, the patent was apparently first filed in 2017, but the latest reports suggest that Essential is working on a new phone with plenty of AI capabilities.

Update: According to some reports, the next Essential Ph2 has been canceled. It appears the company is still working on the Essential Phone PH 2 smartphone; after all, some media reports have cited sources familiar with the company.

Besides being expensive, there were no mind-blowing factors to support the device. So, some fans worried about how the successor to the device would be, and whether there would be a successor, in the first place.

Image Courtesy: GSMArena
Image shows the Essential phone in process, courtesy of Andy Rubin

Fortunately the answer to that is a strong yes, Essential in an interview with a Bussiness insider talked about the PH-2 and that it will be a much better device and they also added that they were listening to customers. and would take into account all thoughts while developing his successor. What’s more, the company also claims to improve the camera; this will be a high priority for the PH-2.

Other than that coming down to mods, the two pins on the PH-1 don’t make the phone follow a strict design dimension rule, so we could see the size getting bigger, as the two pins do not make the phone follow a strict design dimension rule. ‘need to stay lit. the upper side keeping the same width in between.

Front fairing without full bezel?

Essential phone

For the PH-2 2019, we could see a completely frameless front panel and a 19.5: 9 aspect ratio screen that can measure up to 6.4 inches. However, the small notch at the top center could also be present for the second generation device; inside which are the front camera and the earpiece / speaker. Also, the back could be glass this time like everyone else does.

Another cool feature that Essential should take into account is popular demand from many users, the under-display fingerprint reader (On-screen fingerprint reader). Additionally, the 2019 Essential Phone 2 will be powered by the Snapdragon 855 processor, paired with a powerful camera, which will also power all 2019 flagships, paired with 6GB or 8GB of RAM and storage options from 128 GB and 256 GB.

2-Camera Essential Phone

Essential Phone Camera Mods
Image shows Essential phone with 360 camera mod

The PH-1 had two cameras; the primary shooter was an RGB sensor while the second sensor was a monochromatic unit. However, this time the possible camera combinations could be as follows:

  • Wide angle + RGB sensor
  • Wide angle + telephoto sensor
  • MonoChrome + Telephoto Sensor
  • MonoChrome + RGB sensor + a higher megapixel sensor for hybrid zoom

Hybrid zoom capability (software + hardware) is the new gadget in town, and heading into 2019, it will be the new portrait mode in town. A higher mega-pixel sensor is used to preserve detail as well as the optical zoom capability of the telephoto lens; this joint strike of cameras gives better zoom results.

Pricing and availability

Speaking of battery, a 3500mAh battery is expected, or something less than 4000mAh will happen with the PH-2. While prices could be a bit cold this time around compared to last year. And we’re hoping for a starting price of $ 649 for the base variant. The Essential Phone 2 2018, could arrive in a similar time frame as last year, perhaps a few weeks earlier than the previous year.

As the company has faced manufacturing delays before, but now that the company is a little more established, we might see the company delivering the 2019 PH-2 on time this fall.

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