Google Camera is the default camera app that you find on your Google Pixel phone and while it may seem rudimentary at best, it’s one of the best apps available for photography. The cameras in our smartphones are very powerful on paper or in terms of technical specifications, but more often than not they are marred by the software processing that takes place every time you take a photo.

The game changed almost entirely when Google released its Pixel series of devices. The cameras on them were some of the best and the photos they took were amazing to say the least. Now, it didn’t take long for curious users to figure out that most of the magic happened on the software side of things, mostly through the Google Camera.

A Google Pixel tablet with rounded corners, a futuristic design, shown in new renderings based on a recently released patent

This has resulted in the release of several ports of the app and thanks to the freedom that Android gives you, you can also load the apk on your phone. Just make sure it actually works for your device.

Take amazing photos on your Android device using the Google Camera port

Now the good thing about the port is that at the time of writing it is in a matured condition. Which means you don’t have to go through a lot of hurdles to get the app up and running. In the early days, however, you mostly had to go through arduous tutorials to encounter several bugs and crashes.

If you want to use Google Camera on your device right now, just head over to this connect, search for your device, download the apk to your phone and install it. The good thing about the link we shared and you are good to go.

The good thing is that the app is supported by countless developers, so you are more than likely to find ports for a multitude of devices, all known and lesser known. Therefore, there is not much to worry about in this category.

Try the Google Camera and let us know what you think of the app and how it has improved your photos.