Dark room, a popular camera app designed for iOS devices, was updated today with a new feature that allows users to edit videos as well as photos.

With the addition of video editing, all of Darkroom’s photo editing tools can also be used with videos, for what the developers at Darkroom say is a fast and light editing experience.

Videos play automatically and in loop, with edits done in real time, as well as transitions, import-free workflows, and batch editing for smooth and fast video edits. Existing filters will work on videos, and there’s a new premium cutscene filter pack specifically designed for videos, which offers a range of looks from black and white to teal and orange.

Video editing is a feature included in the Darkroom + subscription option, priced at $ 3.99 per month, $ 19.99 per year, or a one-time fee of $ 49.99. Non-subscribers can test features and filters, but will not be able to export edited video without a subscription.

Darkroom switched to a subscription-based business model for new users in February and, with this update, renames that subscription service to Darkroom +. Darkroom + provides access to video editing and all of Darkroom’s filters and editing tools.