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“Lockne” is a camera application designe

When you set a photo as wallpaper in iOS, sometimes the system will automatically apply alignment adjustments that make the photo look less beautiful than expected. That’s why developer Jonathan Ruiz created Lockne, another type of camera app that allows users to create and test iPhone wallpapers in real time using the camera. Because iOS […]

Anonymous Camera app uses AI to blur fac...

A new iOS app called Anonymous camera promises to be the most comprehensive solution for journalists and citizen photographers who want to capture photos and videos without revealing the identity of their subject. The app was created by a London based company called AI playground, and he was not really inspired by the recent BLM […]

Adobe’s Photoshop app offers spectacular

Despite the fact that most people use their smartphone’s built-in camera app to take photos, developers continue to release replacement camera apps with special features. Adobe prides itself on the most in-depth technical intelligence in imaging, and its new Photoshop Camera The app harnesses that, along with the company’s Sensei AI technology and the artistry […]