Despite the fact that most people use their smartphone’s built-in camera app to take photos, developers continue to release replacement camera apps with special features. Adobe prides itself on the most in-depth technical intelligence in imaging, and its new Photoshop Camera The app harnesses that, along with the company’s Sensei AI technology and the artistry of well-known social media creators like Billie Eilish.

Adobe pre-announced the app at its MAX conference last summer, and it’s been in private beta until now. Its main attraction is the “lenses” or live effects that you can see while shooting; portraits are a particularly strong point. The Camera app can automatically apply adjustable bokeh (blurry background) and adjust lighting to make faces look natural. But the wacky effects are likely to grab the attention of many more users.

(Image: Adobe)

Filter sets include Portrait, Pop Art, Spectrum, Billie Eilish, Artful, Food, Scenery, Blue Skies, and Reverie; you can download more from an online library, and more internet celebrity filters will likely be added. Note that some filter sets take a long time to download on first use. According to the app stores, more than 80 filters are available in all.

Photoshop Camera is free and available on the iOS and Android app stores, but you must sign in with an Adobe, Facebook, Google, or Apple account to start using it. The app wants to access your location data, presumably for use in social sharing.

Share photos on the Photoshop Camera app

(Image: Adobe)

Photoshop Camera can optionally save your original, unedited photos to Camera Roll, and you can edit the effect afterwards. When you’re ready to share, you have a wide choice of aspect ratios: original, square, 4: 5, 3: 4, and more. Built-in sharing outputs include Facebook, Instagram, Messages, Lightroom, WhatsApp, and Line; alternatively, you can also use the operating system’s share sheet options.

If you save in Lightroom, you will have 30 days of access for the connection you used with Photoshop Camera, but after that you will need a subscription of $ 9.99 per month.

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