When you set a photo as wallpaper in iOS, sometimes the system will automatically apply alignment adjustments that make the photo look less beautiful than expected. That’s why developer Jonathan Ruiz created Lockne, another type of camera app that allows users to create and test iPhone wallpapers in real time using the camera.

Because iOS has parallax effect in the background and each iPhone has a different screen size, your photos may not fit properly on iOS lock screen and home screen. The Lockne app solves this problem by capturing the images in the correct size to use as wallpaper.

You don’t have to learn much to use Lockne. Once you open the app, it will display the camera image with the iPhone lock screen interface on it, which includes the time, date, Face ID icon and camera and flashlight shortcuts. You can also switch to home screen display with multiple icons.

Users can then place the iPhone’s camera in the exact position they want using the lock screen and home screen previews as a guide to make sure everything is aligned perfectly. . When you find the perfect image for a new wallpaper, all you need to do is press the shutter button.

The image will be saved to your photo library, so you can set it as your wallpaper. The app saves the photo in the corresponding aspect ratio of your iPhone, so that the photo appears on the lock screen and home screen exactly as you saw it before.

Here’s how the developer describes the app:

With Lockne, you have a camera app that lets you see in real time what a photo will look like as your lock screen wallpaper or home screen before you even take the shot. Photo. This way you can see exactly where the time and date will be without guessing. After you’ve cropped your photo and taken the photo, set it as your wallpaper in the Photos app, you won’t have to make a single adjustment. Now you can expect to update your wallpaper on your phone and know that you can get the perfect wallpaper every time.

Lockne is available on the App Store for $ 2.99. It requires an iPhone running iOS 13.2 or later.

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