MIUI 12 is shaping up to be a big update

Xiaomi announced its latest system software, MIUI 12, in April. This should bring users a ton of cool features like improved privacy controls, support for navigation gestures, and a more modern UI overhaul. Now, it looks like the company is offering some new camera features as well, in the form of an astrophotography mode.

The feature would allow users to photograph things that are normally difficult to capture with a smartphone camera, like the moonlit night sky and stunning star trails. This is a lot like the long exposure mode Google introduced with the Pixel 4, with the need for a tripod for the best results.

This new mode has already been spotted in the MIUI 12 beta for the Poco F2 Pro, as Telegram user @hardziol shared screenshots with XDA showing the interface.

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Screenshot of Telegram user @hardziol

Google launched Night Sight to the market with the release of the Pixel 3 in 2018. OnePlus added a Nightscape feature shortly thereafter, and Samsung followed suit with its own night mode photography capabilities in 2019. Smartphone makers become extremely competitive when it comes to photography. nowadays, but the material cannot go further; as companies like Google and Apple have shown, digital photography is where the real magic happens. Time will tell if Xiaomi’s efforts will prove to be so successful.

Source: XDA Developers


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