(Image: Apple)

When it comes to repairing certain aspects of the iPhone 12, some third-party companies will have a hard time getting the device back to pristine condition.

According to I fix it, which just released a recent iPhone 12 teardown, the phone itself apparently has more than a few issues when users replace the camera module. This can make the cameras almost completely unusable. The problem? It does not seem to be related to any hardware issue only.

YouTuber Hugh Jeffreys initially brought up the issue of taking a camera module from one iPhone and swapping it for another. The iPhone with the replacement hardware appears to be having issues with the rejection of the replacement part. iFixit reported issues after doing so because the camera refuses to respond as well as issues with the ultra-wide camera.

As expected, this does not bode well for potential third party repairs in the future. Apple has not commented on whether this was a short-lived issue or even an issue that only seems to affect the cameras on the iPhone 12. Since Apple’s own repair notes indicate that camera and screen repairs will require Apple’s internal system setup app (previously relegated only to battery swaps), it seems tighter regulations on what non-Apple tech can resolve could be imminent.

Apple issued a statement, but did not address the iPhone 12’s camera swap issues.

“We are committed to providing our customers with more options and locations for safe and reliable repairs. Our new Independent Repair Supplier program is designed to give repair businesses of all sizes access to parts. origin, training and tools needed to perform the most common iPhone repairs, ”read the statement. “These service providers have access to the same repair tools and manuals used by Apple and Authorized Service Providers (AASP).”

We’ll have to see what, if anything, changes when the iPhone 12 Pro hits stores.