Profoto has slowly adapted its products to work more seamlessly with mobile devices and built on that with the launch of the Profoto Camera app. Separated from the Profoto Control app, the Profoto Camera app is for both lighting control and photo capture which includes a new RAW format.

The original smartphone application, Profoto control, included capture capability, but was primarily a “control” app to adjust settings and display the status of any Profoto lamp with the company’s AirX technology. Today, the company has extended the capture function and created a separate app to focus more on creating images with smartphones.

The Profoto camera was designed to allow “professional photographers” to use the full line of Profoto lamps in a way that more seamlessly integrates into the capturing experience. The biggest addition to this experience over the Profoto Control app is the inclusion of Profoto RAW, which the company claims results in files with five to eight times more information than JPEGs.

In addition, Profoto Camera offers two modes to give the photographer the choice of how they want to use the camera with Profoto lights. Classic mode allows manual control of exposure and flash settings or to use AirX Smart-TTL, which Profoto says is a new automatic exposure algorithm. In short, Classic mode gives the photographer full control of their smartphone as if it were a standard camera and allows lighting to be controlled according to this experience.

Smart Mode is Profoto’s response to an “auto” mode that combines that expected smartphone experience with corporate lights. Smart Mode offers a set of smart contrast and warmth effects that work with flashes to “capture professional images instantly”. Below is an example of the range of contrast and color temperatures offered in Smart mode.

Below is a pair of photos captured in the app using iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max (in that order) at full resolution:

The Profoto Camera app is available at google play and the Apple App Store from today for free. It is currently compatible with any Profoto lamp with AirX technology installed, which includes the Profoto C1, C1 Plus, A10, B10 series and Pro-11 pack.

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