Evernote creator Phil Libin has a new company called “Mmhmm” which is a bloated video communications service. He works alongside companies like Zoom, and he wants to turn it into a stand-alone product in the near future.

As reported by Bloomberg, the company plans to announce today that it has raised $ 100 million. Mmhmm ​​has many differentials that could be his triumph in the video chat war. For example, the video chat client gives a speaker the option of continuing to speak in front of slides rather than relying on a screen sharing feature for presentations.

“Video has always been the most expressive medium, but it hasn’t been the easiest,” said Libin. (…) The growth of video communications technology is poised to lay the groundwork for a generation of new businesses, said Libin, comparing the potential to the rise of smartphone-powered companies like Instagram.

Mmhmm ​​works by creating a virtual camera that mediates between a computer’s own camera – and in the coming weeks, that of a smartphone – and the video service it runs. Simply put, it takes existing video software and adds its own flourishes.

Free to use, Mmhmm ​​is a virtual camera application that can connect to Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Cisco Webex. At the moment, it’s only available for Mac and Windows PCs and will soon be available on smartphones as well.

The software allows presenters to create text slides with the app, mix pre-recorded messages with live chats smoothly, and even activate a feature that records their side of the video, allowing presenters to replay what they just said and interacted with the clip.

Using Mmhmm, Libin said, teams could eliminate update meetings – individuals recording their portions for coworkers to watch when it suits them, perhaps at 1.5 times the speed. Live meetings can be reserved for strategy and other sessions that benefit from real-time brainstorming, making them shorter and more productive. Libin estimated that Mmhmm ​​saves him 90 minutes a day.

According to Bloomberg, investors are not worried that Zoom and other services will copy functionality into their own offerings.

“We are betting on the brains of this collective team to always stay three steps ahead,” said Lydia Jett, the SoftBank partner who led the investment and will serve on Mmhmm’s board of directors. Anita Sands, visiting professor of entrepreneurship at Princeton University, will join as an independent director.

You can take a look at this new video chat client here.

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