Anonymous, 12 hours agoIt’s not. Pass. He is. 😉


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Nick Tegrataker, 2 hours agoMi 11 Ultra photos are sharper than Lumia’s but it’s definitely not & q … moreAre Google and Huawei tied?


Anonymous, 12 hours agoDR is characteristic of the sensor. Everyone has a max that they can produce. The value may change a bit … moreDR increases when image stacking and long exposure are performed. What are you doing? 🥴


critics should really use this phone for professional photography, as xiaomi continues to market it as “the pHoNe with the largest camera sensor”

as with professional or dslr style portraits, because i am tired of seeing what they only do for everyday photography, not matching real cameras or pro cameras, we might want to see the power computer photography with the mi 11 ultra.


Well, no phone released this year can be a good enough competitor to the MI 11 Ultra. Maybe the P50 pro will be equal but nothing and no one else.
All other phones and brands are very far behind.


YUKI93, 17 hours agoLol, you clearly haven’t seen the even crappy Xiaomi camera mess.Mi 11 Ultra photos are sharper than Lumia’s, but they are certainly not “too” sharp. Xiaomi’s image processing has evolved a lot from last year and now I would say it is on par or very slightly behind Google and Huawei in this regard.


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Ezer, 9 hours agonokia winOfc


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01432, 8 hours agoA close friend uses everything until it is completely broken. He has over 600,000 miles on his Volvo … moreHow are the carbon emissions on the car?


Anonymous, 11 hours agoPerhaps the only thing that comes close to camera quality and “authenticity” … moreThe Xperia series has a dedicated camera app UI, but with a regular phone sensor and rather typical smartphone image processing, while the Nokia 808 and Lumia 1020 both had a massive sensor (at the time ) but also came with a relatively basic user interface. They are in no way comparable to each other.


So it’s mostly the same story as 808 PureView vs Mi 11 Ultra but with some minor differences afterwards. Lumia 1020 fixes the 808PV underexposure issue and shows significant improvement in low light, but at the same time it has a more “processed” look, which makes its outputs a bit more comparable to Mi 11 Ultra in many. case.

The L1020 wins when it comes to full-resolution photos taken in well-lit scenes (an area where QB-sensor phones have traditionally not been great – with the exception of recent Huawei flagships), but performs considerably less well using 5MP PV mode than M11U because downsampling naturally leads to loss of fine detail.

What surprised me is that the L1020 seems to like to pump out much higher blue tones than the Mi11U. The L1020’s photos are by no means oversaturated, but to say they have a more natural color rendition as some people suggest in the comments section is simply misleading.

Mi11U still reigns supreme in low light and would most likely have comfortably beaten the L1020 even without night mode or full resolution mode. I would also say that RAW is more usable in Mi11U in all kinds of different lighting scenarios – L1020 shows more noise, its highlight recovery is much more limited, and the high ISO band makes it practically useless for shooting. low light view.

For a 2013 phone running on an older OS, I would say the Lumia 1020 had an admirable fight against one of the best cameraphones in 2021. It definitely aged a lot better than people expected at the time. , It’s certain.


As with the 808, Lumia’s detail rendering is much more natural and lacks the processed look of modern flagships.


Not bad for 8 years.


Anonymous, 15 hours agoEven the RX100 mark 1 can kill phones. Imagine the Alpha (APSC and Full Frame).
Yeah it can. In good conditions and correct settings. Whereas with a good camera you just have to point and shoot and get some solid pictures. I stopped using my RX100 Mk III after I got the Huawei P20 Pro.
There were too few use cases where it offered a noticeable advantage over something I always have in my pocket.
I still use Alpha 7 Mk. III for serious photography, however.


A close friend uses everything until it is completely broken. He has over 600,000 miles on his Volvo wagon and has just had his Lumia 1020 rebuilt with a new battery. Both are working very well now. If there were more people like him, there would be less waste, less pollution … and people would have more savings.


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Power of digital photography


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Anonymous, 12 hours agoDR is characteristic of the sensor. Everyone has a max that they can produce. The value may change a bit … moreWrong! Dynamic range is a ratio of the lightest to darkest tones in an image and it can be increased by merging multiple images (as this would make the image less noisy and shadows would become more recoverable). DR is not determined by specifications or characteristics of the sensor alone.


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Mi 11 Ultra is the current camera champion.
No one can beat this beast.
Proud owner of the White Marble Edition


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Mi 11 Ultra is clearly the winner, especially when you factor in the video.


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Perhaps the only thing close to the camera quality and “authenticity” of the Lumia 1020 today is the Xperia 1/5 range, as they don’t use a Quad Bayer sensor. It’s also the only brand that focuses on a “camera-like” experience on a phone, somewhat reminiscent of what old Cyber-shots tried to do.

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