With iOS 15, Apple made a number of nifty tweaks and changes. For example, you can track your iPhone even after turning it off and the old-fashioned date and time picker. Another long-requested feature is the ability to turn off automatic night mode in the iPhone Camera app. iOS 15 (finally!) brings this option.

The iPhone’s night mode allows you to take great photos in low light conditions by increasing the camera exposure. However, night mode is a hit or miss on iPhone. Even though he sometimes captures remarkable shots, some of our readers have been able to take absolutely stunning photos with it – there are cases when you need to capture a photo without the night mode activated.

But, unlike Android phones, there is no option to turn it on or off manually. Night mode in the iPhone’s Camera app kicks off automatically and there is no option in the Camera app to turn it on or off. However, with iOS 15, Apple added an option in iOS settings that effectively allows you to turn off night mode.

How to turn off night mode on iPhone

To turn off night mode in the iPhone Camera app, follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to Settings application on your iPhone.

2nd step: Scroll down and select Camera.

Step 3: In the camera settings, go to To preserve Settings.

Step 4: Now activate the toggle for night mode.

Do you like photos captured in night mode on your iPhone? What do you think of Apple’s implementation? Let us know in the comments section below!

[Via 9to5Mac]

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