NextPit starts the week with a real premium download! The ProCam X camera app is currently available as a free download for Android. Not only do you save $ 4.99, but you also dramatically improve your cell phone camera photos. I tried it for you on the Fairphone 4.


  • Currently free popular camera app “ProCam X” for Android.
  • Otherwise costs $ 4.99 and is # 9 most popular photography apps.
  • 4.4 stars with 15,600 ratings and available in German.

Is your camera phone not taking very good photos? This could be due to outdated or underperforming software! Either way, you need to install Monday’s free download on NextPit. You will get the 9th most popular camera app for Android on your phone for free.

The “ProCam X” app normally costs $ 4.99 and is free for an indefinite period. This is a real highlight, as the app was awarded 4.4 stars out of 15,600 reviews. However, since reviews on the Google Play Store aren’t always fully reliable, I installed the app to make sure.

Is downloading ProCam X worth it?

For my short app test, I picked up the latest Fairphone. If you’ve read my Fairphone 4 review, you know the preinstalled camera app that’s pretty bad. First of all, I liked the design of ProCam X, which clearly presents the most important information without covering up the camera image. Take a look at the screenshots!

ProCam X convinces with many functions and a beautiful design / © NextPit

I find it exciting that ProCam X brings so many professional functions to a real camera to smartphones. Among other things, you can display overexposed areas or use a virtual horizon, a histogram or switch to manual focus. Various grid lines are also available for image composition.

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Shooting with the Fairphone 4 is much more controlled than with the preinstalled camera app. This is because he likes to distort colors with incorrect white balance or incorrect exposure. With ProCam X I not only had more reliable results in automatic mode, but also a lot more control in manual mode.

How secure is the download of ProCam X?

After installation, ProCam X will of course need to access your phone’s memory. In addition, you can also share your location for geolocation. The fact that you need to give the app access to your camera and microphone (for videos) also makes some sense.

The developer is called Intermedia Inc. and is based in Indonesia. On the home page you will find a privacy policy, which does not contain any visible characteristics. In addition to the accesses already mentioned, the data is processed for analysis purposes. According to the Exodus website, there is a tracker in ProCam X – this is the Google Analytics tracker, which is built into many applications for usage statistics.

Do you have experience with ProCam X? Do not hesitate to share it with me in the comments!

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