Google announced new camera app features for Chromebooks.

Scan documents

Many Chromebooks have rear-facing cameras. Google has announced that you can now use your Chromebook camera app to scan any document and turn it into a PDF or JPEG file. It works with front and rear camera.

To use the function Open the Camera app and select “Scan” mode. When you hold the document you want to scan in front of the camera, the edges will be automatically detected. Once that’s done, it’s easy to share via Gmail, social media, or to nearby Android phones or Chromebooks using Nearby Share.

Customize your camera angle

If you’re using an external camera with your Chromebook, you can use the Pan-Tilt-Zoom feature to have more control over what your camera captures. Now you can crop and tilt your camera view exactly the way you want. This makes it easy to exclude distracting elements from your video stream.

To use this feature, with your external camera plugged in and set up, open the Camera app to adjust the angle you want to capture. Your selections will be automatically saved. So when you switch from a Google Meet work call to a video with your new pup, your camera angle preferences will remain the same.

Upcoming Features

Starting early next year, Chromebook users will be able to create GIFs on the Camera app. To use it, simply record a five-second video dancing with friends, hugging loved ones, or playing with your favorite pet, and it will automatically turn into a shareable GIF.

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