Camera technologies have become more important than ever in the age of remote working and digital communication. Back in August, Google explained how it improved the video calling experience for Chromebooks through the Camera app, and now he also introduced other abilities.

First of all, document scanning allows the Camera app to scan and scan physical documents in PDF and JPEG format. This feature is present for both the front and rear cameras, as long as your Chromebook comes with it. You can also share scanned documents directly to email, social networks and nearby Android phones through Nearby Share.

A screenshot of custom angles via the Chromebook Camera app

Next, we have Custom Camera Angles where you can set up your external camera with the Chromebook Camera app and then use the Pan-Tilt-Zoom features to customize the angles of your photos. All of your preferences will be saved so you can pick up where you left off, even if you’re interrupted between your adjustments.

Other features that Google recommends trying are video mode, self-timer, scanning QR codes, and “save for later”. Another capability the company plans to add soon is the ability to directly and quickly create shareable GIFs that are five seconds long. However, Google has yet to reveal a release date for this feature.