We follow Artiphon closely over the years. At the end of 2020, I took a liking to the music startup’s latest smart instrument, the Orba. It’s not a complex musical instrument, far from it, but as a fun little portable sampler/MIDI interface it’s a great way to creatively kill some time during a global pandemic.

Last October, the company expanded Orba’s bag of tricks with the addition of Orbacam, an app that used the hardware interface to do creative video editing.

“We believe that music is always a multi-sensory experience, and we designed Orbacam as an auditory, visual and tactile experience that anyone can play immediately,” company founder and CEO Mike Butera said at the time. . “We’ve seen the power of syncing music with social content, but almost all of it is just pasting someone else’s song onto your video. Now people can create music videos that are right for them. completely clean.”

This morning, the company dropped version 2.0 of the app, bringing a number of new updates, including the addition of on-screen playback. It’s a small addition, but one that offers a built-in analog to Orba’s hardware device, removing the $99 entry barrier to try out the offer. The on-screen layout mimics Orba’s circular eight-key layout.

According to Butera of the new release, “We want music creation to be as immediate and accessible as other forms of media have become. We don’t hesitate to take photos or videos throughout our day, and now Orbacam lets you create music in seconds, wherever you are. All you need is your phone and a few moments to create something expressive and beautiful.

With the on-screen interface, users can create quick music scores for social media in real time on iOS device. The options also include a number of new effects for video, including the Glitch filter inspired by 80s VHS. Artiphon is no doubt hoping that the new interface will provide a gateway to its hardware. And if you have $99 burning a hole in your pocket, that’s fun.