Support for up to 2 generations on Ultra models

Samsung has won favor with smartphone photographers with the addition of the Expert RAW app to its Galaxy S21 Ultra, introducing some advanced features that go beyond the capabilities of Pro mode in the standard Camera app. While the Galaxy S22 announcement confirmed that every model in the lineup will get the app at launch, a Samsung forum moderator revealed that Expert RAW will be supported on more devices. Just as the S22 is shipping to customers, Samsung has formalized the list of phones and the dates they will receive official support for the latest Expert RAW app.

  • February 22
    • Galaxy S22
    • Galaxy S22 Plus
    • Galaxy S22 Ultra
  • Early March
  • April
  • First semester 2022


Samsung’s Expert RAW app includes a number of computational photography features to enhance shots, including multi-frame HDR, improved low-light performance by merging data from multiple sensors, and capture RAW on the telephoto. There’s also direct integration with the Adobe Lightroom app for editing, and images can be saved in lossless JPEG and 16-bit DNG RAW formats.

Samsung’s selection criteria include three minimum requirements: the phone must be based on at least an Exynos 990 or SM8250 (Snapdragon 865) SoC, include 8GB or more of RAM, and have a telephoto lens that supports Bayer RAW with a 2x (or better) optical resolution. Zoom. Minimum requirements on SoC and RAM have been set to ensure reasonable performance when handling multi-RAW shooting and processing.

Unfortunately, while several devices meet the first two criteria – such as the S20 family, Note20 and the remaining S21 models – they only include a 1.1x optical zoom lens, which excludes them from Expert use. RAW.

The rollout schedule aims to complete by the end of June, if not sooner. Some phones on this list are approaching 2 years or more by the time the app reaches them, making them one of the best examples of adding new features to smartphones that have already been released.

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