Going from high school to college can be a huge transition. You will have more independence but with that comes more responsibility. It’s a whole new environment with challenges to master and opportunities to enjoy. To prepare for change, it helps to know what to expect in college.

Every step you take is your decision

From being in a school environment where you are told what to do, you are entering an environment where you are free to make your own choices. You decide what to study and choose your subjects. You can choose to skip classes, but you have to live with the consequences. Some students are unable to handle freedom while others adapt well. Finding the right balance between work and play can be difficult.

Learn to write essays

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To be treated like an adult

Your teachers will not sue you. They are usually busy with work outside of college studies and research projects. Professors will expect you to attend lectures and submit assignments without any pressure from them. You know the deadlines and will be penalized if you do not respect them. You should take full responsibility for your upbringing and not expect special treatment.

Make new friends

Going to college may be your first time living away from home and you may feel homesick. Without the immediate support of your family, the friends you make during your university years are very important to you. Living with other students is an experience like no other. You can form strong bonds with those who share your goals and interests. You want to make the right kind of friends in college because the company you keep can influence your experience.

Making the most of every opportunity to meet new people in college can help you build a strong network. This network can be useful once you’ve finished your studies and started looking for work. Friends can provide references or introduce you to job opportunities.

Live at a faster pace

The pace of college life can be very fast. It’s normal for it to be a bit overwhelming at first. You have to take courses and assimilate a large amount of new knowledge. You are given homework. These can be easy to read articles. You also need to do research, complete assignments, and study for exams. If you want to have a balanced life, you’ll also need time to socialize, exercise, and join clubs. As long as you can keep your priorities straight and stay up to date, you can stay in control of your life.

Develop critical thinking skills

At school, you may just need to regurgitate facts to pass. It’s different at university, where you have to be critical. This means you learn to see subjects from different angles. The teachers will encourage you to debate ideas and develop your own opinions.

Discover new ways of thinking

Exposure to students from other backgrounds means you will encounter new ideas and beliefs. You may struggle when your ideas and beliefs conflict with theirs. However, this will result in the development of a more mature and tolerant way of thinking.

Manage your finances yourself

You will have certain financial responsibilities like budgeting and being responsible for what you spend. You may even have to take on side jobs to help cover the costs. Being able to manage your finances in college is good preparation for life outside of college. You will become more aware of the cost of different items such as food, accommodation, transportation and entertainment.


University is a whole new experience for you, full of challenges and opportunities. You will develop more independence and learn to stand up. It’s up to you to make the most of the experience. You will have the chance to make new friends and develop new skills and abilities. You will develop a broader perspective and discover more about the career you want and what you want to achieve in life.

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