the Samsung RAW Expert app for Galaxy S22 and The Galaxy S21 series cameras allow you to have DSLR-level control over many basic camera functions instead of relying on the built-in calculation algorithms in automatic mode that most of us do. when shooting.

The two main culprits behind the app’s development – Hamid Sheikh, head of the smart imaging team at Samsung Research America’s (SRA) Mobile Processor Innovation (MPI) lab, and Girish Kulkarni, head of the Mobile Processor Innovation (MPI) lab. camera at Samsung R&D Institute India- Bangalore (SRI-B), – sat down for an interview and divulged how Samsung’s RAW Expert camera app came to be.

Q: What is the Expert RAW app for? What are the main benefits for users?

Hamid: Expert RAW truly empowers users to take full control of their mobile photography experience, just like a professional photographer would. The app captures much more comprehensive data for each image, which can be used both to enhance photos and artistically enhance them with editing software like Adobe Lightroom – the go-to app for professional photographers. To improve the overall camera experience, we worked closely with Adobe to tightly pair Expert RAW with Lightroom. The result is that photographers have complete control over their creative experience. Novice photographers can also use automatic adjustment points for camera controls and then use Samsung-specific defaults in Lightroom. Either way, the tight integration of the two apps makes for a smooth experience.

girish: Expert RAW is an epic leap forward for photography. It essentially puts a professional studio in your pocket. Whether you’re a professional photographer or just a user who wants to capture amazing content, everyone can take full advantage of the Galaxy S22’s pro-grade camera with Expert RAW. It captures high-quality, high-dynamic-range images in multi-frame RAW format that enables precise post-capture editing and professional results.

With Expert RAW, people can capture much more information in a single image, from dark details to highlights. It also significantly reduces noise and increases sharpness and detail. If you’re looking for the ultimate creative controls, you can choose your own settings for things like ISO, shutter speed, white balance, EV, and focus, and even choose the lenses you want. want to use for the subject and the scene. Finally, because JPEGs and DNGs are saved when shot, you can directly access the Adobe Lightroom app on your smartphone or PC and edit them easily.

The two team leaders were inspired to develop the Expert RAW app by feedback from users, especially their professional photographer friends who wanted more control over the camera shooting process they also relate to them, that of their telephone.

On the other hand, they had to wait for the “leaps in computing and AI capabilities of today’s mobile processorswhich now make such complex image processing calculations possible. The app developers also highlighted the importance of their creation for the future of phone cameras:

What makes Expert RAW such an important version for mobile photography in general?

Hamid: The camera experience is one of the most important experiences a user has with their smartphone. Samsung has been at the forefront of camera quality, and the gap between consumers and professional/amateur photographers has always been tempting to bridge.

I believe that with the release of Expert RAW, users will find that their photographic experience will take a leap forward in terms of creative control and artistic expression. I expect more and more people will find this new experience rewarding, as it allows them to customize their camera to suit their tastes – exactly how they want it – not what others engineers have chosen for them.

girish: As an app, this platform has simplified the RAW capture process with precise camera and lens controls and post-editing with Adobe Lightroom. It’s for anyone who wants to go beyond – to unleash the true power of an Expert RAW camera and explore their creative side.

Collaboration on the development of the Expert RAW app was necessary to leverage the engineering expertise of Samsung Research America’s Mobile Processor Innovation Lab, through to the development of “AI-based 3DISP technology for produce raw data that looks very natural when users load it into editing applications such as Adobe Lightroom.” Samsung R&D Institute’s Camera Solutions Group, on the other hand, was tasked with the end-user experience that all of this computing technology needed to be integrated into, and the Expert RAW Camera app is a prime example of a such cross-team collaboration at Samsung.