Samsung is extending its advanced camera app, Expert RAW, to the Galaxy Z Fold 3. Samsung told us in February that the app would land on the foldable in April. However, he did not meet the promised deadline. But finally, the application is finally available for download for the Galaxy Z Fold 3.

Samsung has rolled out an update to the Expert RAW app, which, among other things, enables support for the Galaxy Z Fold 3. While the default camera app would serve most users better, some of we want more control over image processing and the final output from the camera. . If that’s you, Expert RAW will sound like music to your ears. It offers several advanced camera features, including HDR multi-frame capture, full manual camera controls (ISO, shutter speed, histogram, white balance, etc.), and the ability to take photos in RAW DNG format. The app also integrates with Adobe Lightroom, allowing you to seamlessly export your RAW photos to the app for final editing.

Along with adding support for the Galaxy Z Fold 3, the latest Expert RAW update also brings noticeable performance improvements. For one, you can now expect faster processing time when shooting in low light. Second, you can also expect marginal improvements in image quality in different scenes.

Full changelog:

  • Update on Supported Models (Galaxy Z Fold3)
  • Faster treatment time in low light environment.
  • Image quality improvements in various scenes.

Expert RAW version is now available for download from the Galaxy Store. Follow the link below to grab the latest version or update the app from the Galaxy Store app on your phone.

Download the Expert RAW app

Samsung plans to expand the Expert RAW app to several other Galaxy phones, including the Galaxy S20 Ultra, Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, and Galaxy Z Fold 2. Although there is no concrete release date, Samsung promised to deliver the app to these devices by H1 2022.

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