Apple in iOS 16 brought its system-wide translation feature to the Camera app, allowing the iPhone to be used to translate signs, packaging, and more. in real time.

Using the translate feature is as simple as opening the Camera app and pointing it at the text you want to translate. Tap the text select button in the app to select the detected text, then choose the translate option to get instant translation.

You can pause the view to overlay translations on text and zoom in for a closer look. It’s a useful feature that’s perfect for signs and other wordings you might not understand when traveling.

The Google Translate app has long had a similar feature where you can activate a camera in the app and translate any text around you, so this new ‌iOS 16‌ feature essentially puts the iOS Camera app on a par with Google Translate. Google Translate option.

Apple has also added new Quick Actions that can be used with this Camera feature and other live text options on iOS. Quick actions make data detected in photos, videos, and via the Camera app actionable. Information about flights, shipping, foreign languages, currencies, URLs, and more can be leveraged so you can track packages, convert, visit URLs, and more, all from content photos and videos.

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‌iOS 16‌ is currently available to developers, with Apple planning to make a public beta available in July.