While looking for a free app that I can share with you as a tip for today’s coffee break, I came across Palettes. The app typically costs $1.99 a pop for iOS and seems rather useless at first. However, after trying it for a while, it does cause some fascination, but only if you consciously take and view photos.

What do you pay attention to during your adventures with photographers? Sharpness or resolution? Do you focus on the detail of the image or the pattern? In my own photo projects, I’ve tried to pay special attention to color lately. That’s why I personally find our free app of the day a really exciting find, and I hope you can do something with it too!

In Palettes, you can check your photos with a bar in which the dominant colors in your image appear. Like its feature set, the app’s operation is particularly minimalistic in nature, where you select an image and then tweak the colors somewhat. So is it worth installing it on your iPhone?

Is it worth downloading Palettes?

Before you answer that question, here’s a little disclaimer: Palettes won’t improve your photos, and you won’t be able to take “better” photos with the app. For this, we have summarized the best camera apps in a different article. Palettes can also enhance your captured images and bring some notoriety to your gallery app.

As mentioned earlier, you select a photo from iPhone storage and see a prominent color bar at the top of the screen. You can change this again if you don’t like the images you selected. Additionally, you can also move the bar around the image, which can yield some really cool results.

Palette’s range of functions is small, but the app is still exciting. / © Palette / Screenshots: NextPit

The palettes thus become an exciting method to rediscover old photos. You can also use palettes to sort photos that are similar in color. Many photographers, for example, improve their Instagram feed by unifying the colors of their photos. You can do this very well with the palettes.

Another use case I take from the app: if you launch the camera in the app, the color bar will also be displayed. This allows you to see live the most important colors in the image section. It teaches you a bit about paying attention to colors in your daily shots and getting a feel for how colors change in different lighting situations or times of day.

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Here’s an idea: Try taking the same photo once during the hot afternoon and evening. Most likely, you will see the spellbinding hour effect, when the colors take on a beautiful blue hue.

Is it safe to download palettes?

According to the App Store, Palettes – Photo Editor does not collect any personal data. Also, the app is still in active development. In fact, the latest update was released last week with a number of bug fixes.

Are you wary of apps that want to see your photos? Then you can also grant palettes access to individual photos in iOS. This way the app does not directly access your entire gallery app.

What do you think of this unconventional photo app? Do you like it or find it useless? I await your opinion in the comments!