Samsung has announced two new features for its Expert RAW camera app, which will be available to users with the next update.

The first is the custom preset feature, which will allow users to save their custom camera settings and use them to take photos again. The second is the Save Format menu, which will allow users to save photos captured through the Expert RAW app in either RAW or JPEG format. Currently, the app stores photos in both file formats, which could be inconvenient.

Along with announcing new features, Samsung also said that the release of Expert RAW for the Galaxy S20 Ultra, Galaxy Note20 Ultra, and Galaxy Z Fold2 has been delayed.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

These smartphones were supposed to get Expert RAW support in the first half of 2022, but since it requires a full camera system update, the schedule has changed. However, Samsung aims to release Expert RAW for these devices by September.

Although Samsung did not provide an exact date for the release of Expert RAW for the S20 Ultra, Note20 Ultra and Fold2, the company did reveal that Expert RAW will only work with the wide and ultra wide units of the S20 Ultra. , without telephoto support. lens.

Samsung says this is because Expert RAW’s RAW calculation is based on Bayer RAW, in which the Galaxy S20 Ultra’s Hybrid Optic 10x telephoto lens was unable to produce the images.

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