Some iPhone 14 Pro owners are having issues with the Camera app, with several complaints about the MacRumors forums suggesting that the camera may take several seconds to load when open.

Affected users are seeing the Camera app take four to five seconds to activate after tapping the Camera app icon, with the issue occurring after the camera has already been opened once. Of MacRumors Sephiroth0 reader:

I have the same problem with my iPhone 14 Pro (not Max). When restarting the phone and starting the camera app, the camera turns on immediately. After closing and opening the camera app, it still takes 4-5 seconds for the camera to turn on. I tested other apps using the camera and there it turns on instantly. I guess it’s an SW bug.

The issue does not occur if the Camera app was closed and reopened manually, or after a software restart. This seems to happen exclusively when the Camera app is running in the background, and it’s not an issue that seems to affect all users. Complaints mostly come from ‌iPhone 14 Pro‌ and Pro Max users, and it happens in all photo modes.

In our own testing, we encountered the same issue with the Camera app taking several seconds to open, but it didn’t happen every time we opened the app, just occasionally. . MacRumors readers have noticed that the issue is limited to the Camera app and does not affect third-party camera apps, nor does it seem to occur when the Camera app is set to video mode at the instead of photo mode.

The iOS 16.0.1 update doesn’t seem to fix the problem for those concerned. Restarting the iPhone does not provide a permanent solution, nor does factory resetting the device. Some MacRumors readers have speculated that it might be a RAM management issue. Of MacRumors forum member xyz2610, who also shared a video:

I just found out that it may be a RAM management issue with the camera app. When I clear my iPhone 14 Pro’s RAM by first enabling Assistive Touch in Accessibility settings, then press Volume Up, Volume Down and hold the power button until the shutdown menu appears, then long press the Home button on the Assistive Touch menu to clear the RAM, the Camera app always launches quickly on the first try. However, for subsequent launches of the camera app, the app still takes about 5 seconds to open.

Slow charging isn’t the only issue affecting the camera. The ‌iPhone 14 Pro‌ models also experienced static or clicking noise coming from the camera, and there is a major issue when recording video using third-party apps. In apps like Snapchat, TikTok, and Instagram, the camera vibrates uncontrollably, causing shaky images. Unlike the slow-loading Camera app, this problem is limited to third-party apps.

Several MacRumors readers have reported camera issues to Apple, and it’s likely a fix is ​​on the way. We could soon see an iOS 16 update that will fix the slew of bugs the new devices seem to be running into.